Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I started writing on day 18 and ended on day 30

Today is the 26th of September..and my baby is 3 weeks old... gosh!! Time really flies...It seems like just yesterday that I went into deliver my lil bundle of Joy!!!!
He has grown in these past few weeks... his vocal chords have definitely become stronger.

Both the husband and I have realised that our lives have changed for ever and that... this change like the theory of change is a continuing process....
Our son, ......( please note the pause....I don't know where to start with the update) is now almost 3.5 kgs/a little over 7 pounds in weight...which some may say is still a little small....considering his Dad was a bonny 8 pounder at birth...( I have sympathy for my Mother-in-law...a lil 2.5 kg baby was bad enough to give birth to).
Joy is now beginning to look a little more human...ie. from our earlier descriptions of him resembling a tadpole and other such creatures... His cheeks are filling out and as I mentioned earlier so are his lungs....
At 5 days he was trying to turn over.. which shocked most of us .. coz it seems kids start attempting that only at around 4-5 months....and at 8 days was tryng to stand up( with our support naturally...he isnt superman yet!)....as in his legs seem to have gotten all the strength they need....
So when I visited the Doc for his Day 14 check up....I asked him a number of questions about the normalcy of such things... to which he told me a story of another doctor friend of his whose kid was turning over at 10 days as well.. so being a doctor.. she got a little concerned and rushed her baby to a neurologist for a detailed check up... the neurologist laughed and told her to chill..and said that kids of today have broken all milestones.. which is why nowadays no one talks of milestones and only talks of precedents....which keep getting updated..
So in other words I was told to chill...
Our baby, has mastered the art of driving us a lil bonkers everyday in some way or the other... his Granddad calls everyday to ask for his daily report... which fluctuates from a B+ to a D.....we are just not able to give him an F as yet... If one day deserves a B+ then that very night gets him a D....so poor guy hasnt been doing too well as per his report card.
The Husband and I give him his bath everyday.. which is a different story all together....on some days he behaves like an angel and on some days he is a holly terror... which is fine coz his dad has been calling Osama on and off.. Joy seems to like his massage ....if he is in a good mood... he behaves like a Raja... he likes the massage as long as it is restricted to his arms and legs and back... the minute his mommy attempts to venture near his face or head.. he turns RED and bawls his lungs out...... the same goes for his bath.. when he is made to rest against the side of the tub and his Dad gently splashes warm water against his behind or on his tummy he purrs.....and sits with his arms resting on the top of the tub..as if he was lazing in a Jacuzzi.... but the minute I bring the wash cloth near his face and/or head.... we need ear plugs.
Off late , he has started to understand the power of his lungs and the minute we put him down after carrying him.... he turns RED and yells... so much so... when our maid who while carrying him attempts to sit down....so that she can rest a bit....he yells even then.
The other thing he has mastered is the art of peeing and pooping the second after we clean him...and put him into a fresh diaper. A few days ago , he pooped on his dad..the second after his dad had painstakingly cleaned him and then pee'ed on me ..all in the span of 5 seconds... and that too in the middle of the night.
Joy being a boy and having his precious family jewels......working overtime..what with all the peeing..... surprises me everyday.. I am regularly sprayed on my face.... despite sitting opposite his danger zone... we sometimes find a wet patch on the wall...on a dry day.... then the other day I almost slipped as I was entering his room... there was a puddle near the door... and when I checked Joy he was absolutely dry and so was his bed....the maid and I just looked at each other and when I told the Husband about his sons exploits of the day.. both of us laughed and then looked down at our lil bundle of Joy and sighed ....thinking.... this was just the beginning...we had lots more still to come.....
P.s.: Thanks to my pee and poop cleaning routine.. i finished this blog only on day 30....so the next one should be on his one month birthday.... hopefully it shall be posted before his 6th month birthday.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Through out my life I have had to hear as must have everyone else...I am sure....."become a mother and then you will know....".
And I would wonder... Good lord! .... The list of things I will get to know once I become a mother .. is growing longer and longer...
My mother loved... emotionally blackmailing me....by saying..."Jokhon tumi ma hobe..... tokhon tumi bujhte paarbe...( when you will become a mom yourself ..then you will begin to realise ../understand) " with tears in her eyes.... sometimes even in fits of anger .
I am a mother today.... and yes I have started realising a lot of things..... that I didnt realise earlier. One such thing... is an emotion......that of- LOVE.....unconditional love!
I have had to get a million medical tests done all my life.... so the sight and prick of the needle is something I am immune to...My mother could never go with me for my tests.... she would drive me there and then sit in the car or in the waiting room... I would find her quite silly and would tell her this everytime ....and you guessed right .. I had to hear the famous line.... " when you become......" everytime.
Just recently when I was in labour giving birth to my child...my mum was with me initially and then... refused to enter the labour room and cried buckets and kept praying for me outside.... I over heard her tell some one .. that it was the most painful experience of her life... much more painful than the two deliveries she has had.....
She said something that I will never forget.. she said..." when someone is in pain and cries out asking for help from someone..... it is usually for his/her mother... the cries can be in any language....in Bengali.,Hindi, English, Tamil, etc ...like when I cried out...I kept calling for my mother.."
Last week... I took my lil son for his first check up to the hospital... and the doc there needed to burst a lil puss boil on his chest. He assured me that it would be painless for the baby.... but I just couldn't look......It is true the needle didn't hurt my baby... but he sensed something and yelled.... and his cries.... though not audible as yet.... sounded like ....."Maaaaaaaaa"...I did feel my heart break.....and did feel tears rolling down my cheeks immediately....
The feeling a mother and as a matter of fact even a father gets when their child immediately stops crying when they are picked up by their parents.... all you have to do is hold them to your chest and whisper into its ear and they start purring instead of crying....is simply amazing
Our baby keeps us awake all night sometimes....and we are ready to climb the wall.... but the next morning... one toothless smile...is all it takes for us to forget the previous traumatic night....
The first time my baby put its lil fingers around my lil finger......don't think I will ever forget that moment.
My baby was born after 22 hours of labour... and so once everything was fine the doc decided to keep the baby in the nursery for monitorring for 24 hours.. and also said that I should be given the much needed rest I deserved. At that moment I was relieved for the rest.... but I also woke up The Husband at 4 am and demanded to be taken to the nursery to see my child.
When I heard that the Husband had held our child before I had.... I was so jealous.... and since .... the baby was kept under observation .. I couldnt hold it for more than 24 hours..... I almost went into depression. Thank god .... he was given to me before I broke down.
My baby is now 13 days old .. and I have already learnt/understood a lot of new things.... which I wouldn't have understood earlier......
Motherhood....does make you see things differently.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Day 5


Thats the kind of response you will be getting from me very soon.... am still enjoying waking at all hours and changing diapers and feeding on demand and rocking my baby to sleep ....I have doubts about this continuing though.
Today was Day 5 of having someone new in my life....something totally new and something I still can't believe exists .

Ok! OK! I have to stop calling my baby an "IT"....my Mom has started making a list of the names of animals and other creatures the husband and I have called our baby.....whenever we add a new one ..she repeats all of them like that game we used to play...don't know what its called.. "Concentration.." or something.... Where...you sit in a circle and choose a topic and then every one names a person connected to that topic and you have to keep repeating them when your chance comes and in the proper order... what is it called...????? ok .. forget it... am sure you know what I am taking about .... it's also shown in that Ray Film.."Abar Aranye"....or maybe the sequel... am not sure...

So my mom goes..." Bang( bong for frog)....Tadpole.....ET.....Lizard....Crow...."and her expression is to be seen to be believed.... She can't imagine how both the Husband and I can come up with such stuff... for the lil new man in her life.... her first Grandson....She keeps dropping in ... and peeping into the lil ones room... and goes... " CHOOOO Chweet.... lil DJ.".... by the ways... I do not like the nick name... I like the one I chose... but I don't think anyone's bothered.
We had some family over last night for my brother's birthday... and everyone was discussing what "daaknaam" my son should have ... My youngest cousin sister.. came and announced that he should have a horrible one like the one she was given... and still curses all of us for it .... My cousin brothers....came up with some other unmentionables....My mom... said she was going to call.... him DJ... and was supported by my Father-in-law.. who said.. that DJ was apt.. 'coz Dyujoy was born between Blocks D ( where we live) and J ( where my mum lives). The Hospital incidentally is also half way between the two blocks geographically.
Anyways, Dyujoy is officially nicknamed "Joy"....and that is what he shall be called... at least in front of me...

Friday, September 08, 2006

I am a Mommy!!

Well!...It's finally over.... I am now officially a Mommy!!!

I cannot believe it....actually nor can the Husband...If one sees this pic .. one will say .. oh! they had a baby girl.... well.. not really.. we actually have had a baby boy...the pink wrap... was given to the nursery when we hadn't a clue... anyways...we have no such sexist notions....

Ok.. here is all the basic gen.... We had a baby boy who has now been named Dyujoy Chaudhuri.."Dyujoy"means "the conqueror of heavens".I just had to let everyone know... especially after blogging about the various name options and the Husbands OCD about names...

Dyujoy or "Joy" was born on the 6th of September,2006 at 8.14pm..or as his maternal grandfather would have told everyone... "Junior arrived at 2014hrs." He weighed 2.5 kgs at birth.He was delivered normally and I the poor mommy had to go through almost 20 hrs of labour... for it to happen. I will write a whole new blog on my labour....so please await that upate.

As of now all three.. the baby, exhausted mother and the much harrassed father..are all doing fine.

P.s This posting is being done while I am still in Hospital....I found out that the proud Daddy had already posted a blog about the baby where he starts off with the Mommy and Osama sharing a birthdate....so...If Daddy can blog why can't this Mommy...right?