Saturday, February 17, 2007

Dilli Haat

Folk performers at Dilli Haat
When my In-laws were visiting.... I took my sis-in-law and Mother-in-law to Dilli Haat... I just love the place.... and specially now in winter ..its lovely.

This place is one of the good things done by the Department of Tourism.
When we visited this time .. there was a Master Craftsmen festival on .... it seems these happen on and off and stuff available and on display is simply mind boggling. The fact that the proceeds go directly to the craftsmen makes it all the more satisfying when one shops there.

Joy with his Aunt and Grandma

Joy loves visiting Dilli he loves colour and the place is alive with activity and full of bright colours with all the stall from various states all done up performances by folk artists ...colourful flags fluttering in the air...and lots of people roaming around....

The other good thing about Dilli Haat are the food stalls which represent the states of India . the hot favourites being the stalls from J&K for the amazing Wazwan food ...the Rajasthan stall for the daal baati and Rajasthani thali, The West Bengal stall for the Prawn cutlets and fish fry and the North Eastern stalls... particularly Mizoram and Sikkim for their Momos, Thukpas and fruit beer. The Mizoram stall has the most amazing Passion fruit juice as well.....

We are waiting for our momos

For any tourist....or as a matter of fact even for local Delhiites.. a trip to Dilli Haat is a must.
This was the first time my in-laws were visiting Dilli Haat and I could see that the decision to take them there had been correct.... they loved it ....and so did Joy and I.

The Husband who is yet to visit..... was quite inspired by the photographs ....actually I think it is the food that is exciting him more.... but what the hell.....


The Mad Momma said...

It's a lovely place for kids... wait till he gets a little older... the brat runs around having a blast

Diligent Candy said...

hey tina, thanks for stopping by! you have such a cute baby ...many many congrats, have been hooked to ur hubby's blog, but now shall keep a lookout on your's as well...momos at dilli haat sure brought back many memories, they also have some of the best mishti doi in town, but then i guess with an expert foodie at home, he must know a million other places :-)