Friday, June 12, 2009

Joy enjoying his evening snack on the balcony..enjoying the good weather and the rain!!!

Joy woke up after his afternoon nap yesterday, to a cool breeze and lovely rain.... he yelped in excitement and danced around trying to catch the rain drops... and let the raindrops fall on his face... but soon... realisation sunk in and he turned around and looked at me and sais, " Joy sad..." with his lips all curled up in disappointment....he realised that he wouldn't be able to go down and play now....Poor chap....!!!

So he sat on the balcony with his little bowl of Muri and cheeselings... and watched the rain..... all was quiet ...for a while.. when his mommy who isn't used to the peace and quiet.. went to investigate ....found him standing and feeding all the crows and pigeons his snack,.....ocassionally spraying a few cheeselings on the people moving around downstairs.....

Joy then had to be entertained as he couldn't go his Baba kept him busy with some puzzles... but our friend prefered to do a few front rolls instead....


AMIT said...

Wow he's enjoying.

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Emaan said...

hi Joy !
what a wonderful blog you have..and ur a very handsome boy too :-) i loved it just as much as i love playing in the rain !