Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Daily Dose

Was woken up this morning by The Husband, who is on one of his never ending tours. Sweet of him. But I don't think he was ready for a dose of groggy pregnant wife.
From my previous posts one would know that I have had precious little sleep in the past few days. What with my first blog post being sent in at 3.02 am and the second a few hours after that.
Making up for missing husband is my sweet brother, who for a change got away from work so early that he offered to take me for a film.
We saw Golmal. Not the old Amol Palekar one, but the new Ajay Devgun one. Must say Ajay looked like a complete idiot in the film. Please give me Ajay Devgun in a Gangaajal or a Zameen or Prakash Jha film any day. This new trying to be hep and mod look just isn't suiting him. Arshad Warsi was fabulous - the best and so was Sharman Joshi. What Rimii Sen was doing in the film I am still to figure out. Otherwise, the film was complete time pass. Hilarious if one can ignore the jokes on rape and women. But I guess these films are meant to be just watched without a thought. Something like the old Govinda films.
Anyways, The Husband heard last night that I was going to watch the film. So what does he do? Before we can even buy our tickets, he informs me that he is already watching the film. I wonder what kind of work related tours these are sometimes...
Anyways, I was glad he watched it, coz I was missing him through out the film. It was a film totally up his alley. I could just imagine him gurgling through it.
My brother thoroughly enjoyed the film. But knowing me for longer than The Husband, he kept looking out for my expression everytime an objectionable joke was cracked before going into peals of laughter. He was a little wary of his erstwhile radically feminist sister I guess.
This film reminded me of the last time we saw a nonsensical film. We, as in The Husband, I and some friends in Hyderabad. The Hall was the pitts and the film was No Entry. There were six of us... The Husband, one of his best friends Lolly, three sweet girls from Lolly's office and I. These two poor men (in the first half) found themselves at the two ends of the women and found it difficult to laugh at the nonsense from two ends. Especially when they had four women with "totally not amused expressions" in between. So after the interval, we found the men had huddled together and refused to budge from each others side. Needless to say they enjoyed the second half of the film much more than the first.
The weather today is gloomy... No sun, which is good. But no rain either, which not good. Coz that means that we shall have yet another day of miserable muggy weather. To get out of my gloom, I have bullied my mum to take me out to a dosa lunch. I can eat a crisp dosa anytime, anywhere.
Feel sorry for my mum sometimes. Apart from her busy schedule of college, classes, ailing mother-in-law, running a huge household, a son whose schedule she can't keep track of, a missing son-in-law, she now has a pregnant daughter who needs to eat a dosa to get over a gloomy day.
Poor brother is also pained with my existence. He had this look on his face - "Gosh thought I had gotten rid of her. But she is back with added baggage!" Especially when I asked him to accompany me to my next ultrasound for which The Husband is missing.
Poor guy hates docs and now he has to go to one who will show him the insides of his sisters tummy. And that too, not an empty tummy but with something inside it, moving around.
Have been reading some of the comments by The Husband about formatting and other crap. So have tried. Hope my efforts meet his approval.
He has also been commenting on the quick frequency of my posts. Just you wait. Will bombard you with stuff.


the mad momma said...

hey! I wanted to watch Golmaal with you.. Now you better remember that you two have promised to watch Omkaara and KANK with us. And I could come for the ultrasound if brother is pained. I owe him for his help on the last story so I could try to pay him back in a small way!!!!

Dipta Chaudhuri said...

Golmaal was well & truly hilarious... completely inane, disaster in political correctness and takes on as many spoofs/gags it can pack in!
Best movie of the year till now!

Rajni said...

Tina, finally found you on blogspot :))

I loved Golmaal !!!

Good comedy after a long time...

Lots of quotable PJs too :). Planning to watch it again, with a bigger madder group of ppl.