Monday, August 14, 2006

It's Been a While...

I know, I know... It's been a while since I wrote last. Have been just too busy. Am starting off my last month of pregnancy and haven't been able to do too much. There hasn't been much happening in my life as well. That is, other than having a baby...

The Husband has been travelling. The promise "Am trying to wrap up all the travelling before the D-Day" seems to be never ending.

We have some cousins visiting us from the US of A... my aunt's daughter Enna and her American husband Mike. They are sweet... The last time my cousin was in India was a month before my wedding. So as she says, "I always make a trip before a major event in Tina's life... first her wedding and now her Baby". So true.

Her husband, Mike has won all of our hearts. He is so cute. He has come all geared up with information on India and what to do and where to go and most importantly What and Where to Eat. He is a complete foodie and ready to try everything and anything. He produced a list of places he wants to try in Delhi and I was very impressed.
Here we were trying to serve them bland food and ensuring that the spices didn't run riot in their "oh! so delicate tummies" and here was this sweet Umricaan, who wanted to eat at Karims and Paranthewalle Galli and try Thuggu ke laddoo.

He is so unlike another Umrican brother-in-law of ours. Who was "Oh! In America, the air is so clean... Don't you all watch American football, it's the best... Who would want to watch cricket, it's such an uncivilised game..."
(I shall write a completely different blog on that brother-in-law later. His stories can keep me going for a while.)

I tell you... there are some Americans and then again there are some Americans. After meeting Mike, I shall not club them together in the same mould.

Anyways, back to Enna... This cousin came loaded with gifts for her would be niece or nephew. And she was actually carrying the most appropriate thing - a little baby waterproof photo album meant for bath times (as well as normal) where one can put li'l snap shots of the people the baby should recognise first. Her advice, after seeing The Husbands travel schedule (she has been here two weeks and has met The Husband - ONCE for two hours), was to only put pictures of him. So that the kid would at least recognise the DAD, if not really see him.

I must also tell you about the recurring dream or nightmare - for some, thatI have been having ever since the ninth month has started.
By the ways Nightmares and Dreams are pretty common at this stage of pregnancy... especially ones about 'Water breaking and rushing to the hospital'.

So I too have been having a similar one. It went/goes like this...
My water had burst and contractions were starting. I checked the clock. It was 3 am. So I reach for my cell phone and dial the first number on my emergency list. Naturally, I call The Husband but he is on tour in his favourite city Kanpur or Cawnpour or whatever he is calling it now. (He actually had the time to find out the 20 names for the city) And his phone is on silent. And of course, he is asleep and cannot hear it.
Then i call emergency number 2: My ever-dependable brother, who is awake but is out partying and due to the music being very loud can't hear his phone ringing. And also cos he is dancing with a cute chick, he can't feel the vibrator on the phone either.
Emergency number 3: I call my mum, hoping she wouldn't have the phone on silent or be in a pub (!!!) or dancing. But no such luck... she doesn't pick up either. I hear later that she was charging her phone in the next room and was asleep in front of the TV. So, in other words... couldn't hear it!
Finally, almost in a state of collapse and desperation - I call my driver at his home and yell at the poor guy who must have been in deep slumber and demand he come over and take me to the hospital. Which he does. After all, rozi roti ka sawaal hain...
At this point I wake up in cold sweat, look at my cell phone and immediately make a change in the list of emergency numbers.
The first one being the hospital's emergency ambulance number and the second one being the driver. And then the previous list except for the Husband's, who by the way is now last on the list.
Actually last in the phone book.


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You better wind off your Cawnpour trips fast. If this dream actually turns into reality, you will never be forgiven :))