Monday, August 28, 2006

The Waiting Game

Yes, I am still waiting... In the 37th week of pregnancy now... and still waiting...
Am running out of a fuel called PATIENCE.
Irritability levels are at an all time high.
Vocabulary is getting richer and more colourful.
Tears and mood swings are controlled by a very very leaky tap.
The gravitational pull between the belly and the ground is very strong.
Nights are sleepless and the route from the bed to the loo is wearing out.

Relatives and friends have been so kind the past few months and I am so grateful to them for their visits and caring attitude and efforts to keep me busy and happy the past few months. And am not being sarcastic here. I really want to thank each and every one of them.
People call me and instead of saying "Hello!", they say "Still inside?"
In case I take more than a minute to reply to an SMS, I get calls asking the way to the nursing home.

Everyone seems to have advice to hand out. In the past few months, it's been ok. I have been so excited that I have not really rolled my eyes when people gifted me with lots of free advice or "you wait and see looks". But now, I am fed up.

The range of advice is amazing.

Here are some of the gems:-

* "Keep checking for the water to break"... Considering I am a first time mom, I sure as hell know what that means, don't I?

* "Look out for Bloody show"... For someone who has no idea, that is scary. And let me tell you, no amount of reading will give your imagination a clear picture. By the way, there is also a "Greenish black show", which means the baby is in discomfort or eating its own potty. Talk about psyching out a to-be-mom.

* "Try and keep an ear out to get hints from the doctor whether a C-Sec is about to happen or any other complication"... Will I be able to "keep an ear out" for anything at that time?

* "Go and return whatever feeding bottles you have bought for the baby. Only buy Dr.Browns or Mother Care"... This despite my telling her that I have bought the latter. She actually asked me to describe the bottles and the packaging and logo, just to be sure. Talk about being paranoid....

How can I write without mentioning The Sweet Husband....
One night, while we were discussing the days events in bed, The Husband came up with the solution.
"Just ignore everyone. Or say yes to whatever everyone says. Or even better still have them speak with me" So cute.
Both of us have decided to leave everything to our doctor whom we trust and let her do the best.

While I am on the subject of my sweet husband, lately he has been arriving from tour with boxes and boxes of sweets and biryani and kebabs, demanding that i eat everything. Which is also sweet, especially since he never did so before.

Anyways, he is back on tour. After being told by the doc that we can rest assured we still have a week or so more to go before anything major happens.
What can I say? Poor guy has to work and make a living for his wife and kid, I guess...
I would much prefer him to be around when its time to change diapers and burp the kid than now. Though i wouldn't mind him being around now either.

Its just a waiting game...

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the mad momma said...

hey u...
all been there done that so i completely feel for you...the ninth month just doesnt pass... if you want, just close your eyes and count your blessings that you are back home with friends and family around you. and i hope you know that means me too!!